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Is planning the perfect birthday party overwhelming?

Every year, parents want to throw an unforgettable party that kicks up smiles and creates memories to last a lifetime. In reality, finding a venue, deciding on a theme/decorations, and making sure everyone has a great time, can be an overwhelming experience, making what should be a joyous occasion a daunting task.

  • We have the perfect venue.

  • The experience is a blast, one every guest will love.

  • We'll handle the details, you soak in the laughs & smiles!

We're here to make your kid's birthday epic!

Ease of Planning

Say goodbye to stress!

Theme Everyone Loves

Who doesn't want to be a Ninja?

Unforgettable Memories

We specialize in smiles!

The perfect birthday party has never been easier!

Your 2-hour party (up to 15 guests) includes:

  • Venue

  • Host Instructors

  • Pizza & Drinks

  • Exciting Activities

  • Fun, and So Much More

  • Only $450

Why Our Parties Get 5 Stars from Parents

Fun Parties for All Ages

Our parties are fun for kids of all ages. We keep them busy so you can enjoy making memories!

Lots of Fun Activities

Your birthday kid is the hero of the party, but there is loads of fun actives for everyone.

We Do All the Work

The party is run by the professionals, taking the stress off the parents..

We Know How to Party

Let our experience guide the party; we know how to create smiles and lifelong memories.

Don't take our word for it...

Michelle Moyn

Parent of birthday Boy

"Our son's 5th birthday party at the taekwondo school was an absolute hit! From the vibrant setup and the enthusiastic instructors, to the age-appropriate activities, everything was
top-notch. Throughout the party, the parents could relax while the instructors handled everything. It was so smooth. Our son couldn't stop talking about how it was the best birthday ever, and we wholeheartedly agree.

If you want a memorable and hassle-free birthday experience, this taekwondo party is
the way to go! Highly recommended for kids
and parents alike. It's a blast"

Erica Greenberg

Parent of Birthday Boy

"Henny’s birthday party was an action-packed extravaganza that left both kids and parents alike buzzing with excitement! This was one of the most memorable and enjoyable birthday parties we’ve ever attended. From the moment we entered the venue, the energy was palpable, and the kids were bouncing with anticipation. The party kicked off with a fun obstacle course where the kids navigated through various challenges, honing their agility and coordination like true ninjas in training. The excitement continued as they moved on to board breaking and learned basic self-defense moves, empowering them with valuable skills while keeping the adrenaline pumping. It was heartening to see the children fully engaged and enthusiastic, soaking up the knowledge imparted by the skilled instructors who oversaw the activities, all of which were Black Belts or enrolled in ATA’s exceptional Legacy Program. We couldn't have asked for a better experience, and we're grateful to for such a memorable celebration for our little ninja and his friends!"

Amber Sutherland

Parent of Birthday GIrl

"Thank you for hosting our daughter's 12th birthday party! It is always so difficult to find new and fun ways to celebrate, and this was an absolute blast, for all of us. We were unsure if pre-teen girls would be drawn to the Ninja Warrior theme, but were we wrong! It was amazing to see them do their thing on that obstacle course. We were extremely impressed at how you and your team handled all those kids so well, everything ran so smoothly. And the little details you incorporated made our birthday girl feel so special! This was definitely a party for the books and am unsure how we will top it in the future! Thank you for being so patient and going above and beyond! I know the girls will remember this birthday party forever!

We would highly recommend Saddle Rock ATA birthday parties to anyone. They make it so stress-free, easy, and fun!"

Put your party in the hands of the professionals

Great experiences start with great instructors!

Jill Cross



Ms. Cross is the Chief Instructor at Saddle Rock ATA, and a 5th Degree
Black Belt. She started martial arts at the age of 17 and loves to teach
kids, teens, and adults!

Alex Gardner



My journey in martial arts began when I was just 7 years old, stepping
into my first taekwondo class. Over the past 30 years, my passion has
only grown, leading me to become an instructor.

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